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IDIC’s Transportation Needs Enhanced

Through the kindness and generosity of civic-hearted entities, IDIC has been gifted with two vehicles to enhance the elderly members’ mobility around town and assist in the operating staff’s continuing need for transportation. Through the intercession of community advocate Frank Irigon, King County Councilmember Rob Dembowski

sponsored the awarding to IDIC of a 7-seater van formerly owned by Metro Transit. This maroon van now serves IDIC members whenever they need to be brought to places or to go a-visiting their favorite recreation centers. The van is also used by IDIC staff for the nutrition program, food bank and for other official travels around town.

The other gracious donor to IDIC is the Beta Sigma Fraternity – Northwest USA. The fraternal organization, led by Grand Princep and IDIC Board Member Dr. Nic Panlasigui early this year donated a mini-bus that seats 14 passengers. It has been repainted to reflect IDIC’s corporate colors and signage is currently being finalized while additional seats in a space for a wheelchair is being configured. A simple but fitting Thank You ceremony is planned for the formal turn-over and blessing of the Beta Sigma mini-bus.

In the past two years, IDIC’s friends and supporters had launched a weekly fund-drive purposely to help IDIC in improving its current transport needs. The initial plan was to purchase a new van. With enthusiasm, the Friday open dancing project was launched. Through the assistance of IDIC staff, the project had happily raised over $13,000 within a two-year span. Because IDIC now has added blessings in this aspect through kind donors, the fund will help ensure the safety and efficient maintenance of the vehicles by part-time, duly insured drivers. #

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