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Prayers, Support Requested

Commander Amador Montero, 97, passed away peacefully at home in Davao on October 13. It will be remembered that he decided three years ago to go back home with better-half Proserpina after being an active leader of the Filipino War Veterans of Washington (FWVW). Let us include Commander Montero in our prayers.

Long-time IDIC member Luis Dacuba was admitted October 18 at the UW Medical Center after suffering from an apparent heart attack. Only 61, Luis has no more family or relatives here. His only relative is an older sister, Beatriz, who lives in Manila but he has lost contact with her. Luis will undergo operation to place a pacemaker on his chest this Monday, October 20.

Veteran Ben Mendoza was admitted to the Makati Medical Center early this month according to her daughter who resides in North Seattle. He had suffered from a blood clot in his brain. We are in contact with her daughter for developments regarding Ben, who is visiting Manila for a month, he had told us before he left.

We also send our sincere condolences to IDIC member and staunch supporter Erly Asuncion (sister-in-law of IDIC folk dancer-singer Pilo Esteban) whose mother had passed away October 11. She flew to Pangasinan with her sister Cherry to be with their family.

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