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An Appeal to the Community

Our Dear Community Members & Advocates,

There has never been a time in our State and City when uncertainties about the future of nonprofit service organizations have hung heavy over all of us.

We happen to live, strive and operate in a place that is counted among what are known as Sanctuary States and Cities.

If we must be alert to looming challenges so that we can sustain our mission to serve the most needy and vulnerable in our community, we have to initiate ways to acquire resources ourselves. The fate of funds that support nonprofit human and social services for needy seniors and marginalized families could, in our time, be challenged and placed at risk.

On this premise, we address this message to all civic-hearted sectors and folks of the community. IDIC as a 43-year old family center has a mission that states:

“We are a Filipino non-profit organization that provides advocacy in healthcare and social services to vulnerable elders and immigrant families.”

Over the years, our program contractors have advised us to be self-reliant. Which is why IDIC constantly initiates meaningful fund-raising efforts.

This year, we have launched the LOLO-LOLA Grand Raffle.

Licensed by the Washington State Gambling Commission and supported by a civic-spirited association of professional accountants, the Filipino-American Association of Certified Public Accountants (FAACPA), the Raffle offers unprecedented prizes at an affordable $2 per ticket. The Raffle is also supported by kind-hearted groups like Seafood City, Mango Tours, Toyota, and other private donors. Raffle Ticket holders need not be present to win. Raffle date is on January 13, 20128 at the IDIC on Beacon Hill. Time will be announced and it is hoped that the new City Mayor will help draw the grand prize.

IDIC’s Board and management assure you all that funds raised, earned and expended by an organization that is altogether a community sanctuary, an investment and expense center will always be open, accountable and transparent. To know us better please visit our website at

We issue this appeal to please patronize the LOLO-LOLA project. Proceeds will go to a truly worthy cause. Raffle Tickets are now available at IDIC from any Board Member or officer or any volunteering kindly groups.

Maraming Salamat Po!

IDIC is happily staying ahead by putting community first.

Very sincerely,

Board of Directors, Council of Elders, the Management and Staff

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