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They helped make our center a warm, family-oriented and friendly place. They joined us in joy and laughter, in sorrow, in pleasant events and they made us think. We look at the beloved folks we lost this year as we bid them an affectionate farewell. Commander Amador M. Montero

When you think about this leader's contributions to the cause of his comrades who have come to America for the sake of their families, you will likewise wonder how perceptive he was in his decision to return to the land of his birth. He had decided with his beloved wife Pining to return to Davao for the remainder of their lives. One of his daughters had shared that as he was on his deathbed, he had opened his eyes when he sensed that the daughter was conversing with IDIC staff in Seattle. He mouthed the words: "...Tell them... thank you for everything..." Commander Montero's wife Pining had preceded him on the final journey a year earlier. Lt. Benito G. Valdez

An authentic hero of the legendary Great Raid of WWII, Manong Benito 's membership in IDIC inspired other elderly folks and fellow-veterans and their spouses to join the programs. A silent, deeply spiritual and principled soldier, he contributed his time and attention to the veterans' organization as an officer, often courteously declining to be Commander. He was one of only three surviving warriors who had figured in the Great Raid where more than 600 American and Canadian prisoners of was were rescued in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija during the war. Veteran Florentino Navarro

Passed away in Butuan, his home province. He was the father of popular Manila-based journalist Nelson Navarro. Once a resident of Lynnwood, he was an active member of the FWVW. Veteran Valentin Agustin

Member of the Filipino War Veterans of Washington (FWVW) and long time member of IDIC. Veteran Gil Besabe

Member of the Filipino War Veterans of Washington (FWVW) and long time member of IDIC. Anselma "Tansing" Topacio

A long-time IDIC member, Tansing was a close friend of many old-timers in Seattle. Gil Contreras

Gil had helped IDIC construct the food storage cabinet below the stairs near the kitchen. An avid gardener, he distributed upo and colorful flowers in season to the center's elderly.

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