​IDIC Filipino Senior & Family Services

Caring for our elders since 1971

As we endeavor to  fulfill our mandate as a full-fledged human and social services outfit with a vibrant socio-cultural group, we are sustained by our funders' and patrons' steady support. IDIC's elderly members, the Council of Elders, Board Members, Staff and Management are privileged to be able to serve the community through various programs and initiatives. 


We are pleased to share with you what we are and what we do. We always want to network and interact with the community.

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to learn more. 

Maraming Salamat (Thank You) for visiting us! 


A Big Thanks to Our Funders and Partners


"I forgot my homesickness, I forgot my loneliness because of IDIC"

-- N. Tayao, 83